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The Santa Photo Experience

Join Santa at The Mall at Millenia's Hollyville November 3rd through Christmas Eve during all mall hours!

Helpful Tips:

  • Wait times are shortest early in the season.
  • The shortest wait to see Santa tends to be weekdays during the late afternoon and early evening hours.
  • Sunday mornings are the busiest, followed by Saturday mornings.
  • The Santa set is open during all mall hours.
  • Mall doors open 2 hours prior to mall opening.
  • The set typically opens with a minimum 2 hour wait on weekends.
  • As the season progresses, expect wait times to grow to 5 hours or longer on weekends.
  • Once the wait time to see Santa exceeds mall closing time, guests may only be accommodated on a standby basis, at this point, standby Ttckets will be issued and visits are not guaranteed.

All are welcome to visit with Santa and a variety of photo packages are offered: candid color photos, sepia-hued black and whites, and CD-Rom images are available for purchase. Guests choosing to take photos on their own device may do so. In this case, we encourage a $10 donation to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children (3 photo maximum).  Each child visiting Hollyville will receive complimentary holiday gift.

Santa Access Tickets:

The Mall at Millenia is pleased to continue to offer a system designed to allow guests to enjoy holiday shopping or grab a bite to eat while awaiting a visit with Santa.

How it works:
When you arrive, if the wait time to see Santa exceeds 1 hour, you will be issued a ticket.   This numbered ticket will indicate the approximate time you may enter the line.  When you return, the screen at the line entrance will indicate the ticket numbers currently being accepted.   Once you have entered the line, the wait time to see Santa is approximately 30 minutes.

Please Note:

  • At least one person from your photo session must be present to receive a ticket.
  • Only one Ticket will be issued per person/party.  (You may not collect a ticket for another party).
  • Each ticket admits one immediate family.
     - Friends/neighbors/relatives (including aunts, uncles, cousins) if photographed, constitute a separate photo session and require their own ticket).
  • NOTE:  ticket is Required to Enter the Line
     - If lost, a new ticket must be issued.  The new ticket number will be based upon the tickets currently being issued by the greeter.
  • This is not a reservation system, there are no advance reservations.
  • Specific times may not be requested as the anticipated line entry time is determined by the number of guests that arrived before you.
  • There is no cost, the system applies to all guests, whether purchasing photos or visiting with Santa.
  • Once the system is active (when line exceeds 1 hour) all guests arriving must take a ticket to return later, there is not an option to join the line prior to when your ticket number is being accepted.

The Santa photo set closes when the mall closes.  Please plan to arrive a minimum of 2 hours prior to mall closing to allow for those in line before you. In December, a minimum of 3 hours is recommended.  A visit with Santa is not guaranteed when the wait time extends beyond mall closing.  On December 24, the Santa photo line closes at 4pm.


Santa Visit with Professional Photography Session/Instant Package or Candid CD

Professional photographers pose and photograph your children.
Personal photos are not permitted during professional photo sessions.*
Once advised by an associate that the session is complete, a limit of 3 still photos on a personal camera or phone will be permitted per family group.
An envelope will be provided if you decide not to purchase professional photos once ordered, as a $10 donation to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is requested.


Santa Visit with Personal Camera Photo Session

Guests are limted to 3 photos on a personal camera or phone per family group.
A $10 donation to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is requested. An envelope will be provided.
Personal camera sessions do not include the following professional services:
   - Posing children
   - Photographers taking photos with your camera
   - Use of props


Santa Visit with No Photo

*Personal photos are not permitted during Professional Photography Sessions as camera flashes affect our equipment. Professional photographers will end photo sessions if personal cameras or camera phones are used. Videotaping is not permitted on the set at any time.

Accommodations For Children with Disabilities:

  • Please see cashier at the Santa Photo Sales Counter for special assistance.

Santa Photo Pet Policy:

Pet Photography is not offered by our staff or permitted with personal camera/phone.
Service Dogs may accompany their owner on the Hollyville photo set.
Service Dogs may not make contact with Santa or the Santa chair due to allergy concerns.



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