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All Dressed Up for Date Night

November 11, 2015

It’s easy to freak out about date-night outfits. We all know the way we want to look: sexy, flirty and stylish in an effortless kind of way. But finding that sweet spot of casual chic is an art. Luckily, here at The Mall at Millenia, everyone’s favorite Orlando mall, we’ve helped thousands of women dress for thousands of dates. Here’s a shopping guide for your next night of romance, put together with love and years of expertise.

First things first. The only unbreakable (age-old) rule of dressing for date night is: Be yourself. That means make sure you’re comfortable and that your personality shines through. Your friends know you’re awesome; let your date know that, too.

The second secret to date dressing is accessories. The surest recipe for effortless style is a classic, elegant outfit, with statement accessories to inject oodles of personality. Rock chicks need killer boots: check out Ann Taylor’s Darla belted booties in rich brown or black leather. Add a chunky, statement belt like Gucci’s black leather number with a statement feline buckle. For a more feminine look, try Carmen Steffens’s playful leopard-print ballet flats.


Another top tip: wear a watch! That way you won’t be distracted—or upset your date—by checking your phone all night. The Britain from Burberry is a modern design classic with an edge, slimline but substantial enough to make a statement. Those who favor more feminine timepieces should check out the pretty, Moorish-inspired Salamanca watch at Brighton Collectibles.


Next, the blank canvas to offset that bling. Going for a walk in the park, a trip round a museum, some smooching at the movies? Start with a great pair of jeans. Lucky Brand has a huge selection: a skinny cut like these Brooke legging jeans will feel sexy but not too dressy. On top, tactile fabrics in neutral tones and earth shades are a winner for date nights: they’re endlessly flattering and inviting. For fall, try silky shirts or chunky knits like C.P. Shades’s silky Adra buttondown shirt in creamy oyster, available at Anthropologie at The Mall at Millenia Orlando, or H&M’s soft, creamy off-the-shoulder sweater.


If you have swankier plans, it’s time to rock your LBD. For fancy restaurants, pick something elegant and timeless, like ALLSAINTS’ Milo dress, with a sleek, feminine silhouette. Cocktail bars call for something a little more funky, like Lilly Pulitzer’s Felicity lace dress in blue-black, or Kate Spade’s textured bow-back dress.


Last but by no means least: lingerie. For all their differences, men and women agree on this one thing: there are few things sexier than black lace underwear. Pair Victoria’s Secret’s satin-and-lace push-up with matching satin and lace panties. No matter how the night turns out, you’ll feel better just knowing you’re wearing them.

So you see, a trip to this Orlando mall isn’t just a great way to spend an afternoon: It could help you win your heart’s desire.

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