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Stay Chic in the Kitchen this Holiday Season

November 19, 2015

Soon, doorbells around the country will start ringing, and guests will be ushered in in excitement to enjoy sumptuous, steaming feasts and sparkling drinks with their cherished loved ones. If you’re one of the cherished loved ones preparing that sumptuous, steaming feast, the day will likely bring some stresses—even beyond Uncle Herbert’s insistence on talking politics after half a bottle of port. We can’t do anything about Uncle Herbert, but here at your favorite Orlando mall, we can help make food this holiday season as pleasurable for you as it is for your guests…

… and the best way to start is with the Rolls Royce of kitchenware. It’s hard to find a celebrity chef who doesn’t swear by Le Creuset’s cast-iron pots. Developed over a century of culinary experimentation, they’re the hardest-wearing—not to mention most beautiful—pans you’ll find anywhere in the world. The signature Dutch Oven locks in moisture and cooks oh-so-slowly for the tenderest, most succulent of dishes—perfect for a rich winter meal. Each model is available in a veritable jewel-box of hues including a zesty palm-green, flame orange, or lapis blue, from Williams-Sonoma here at The Mall at Millenia.

In the Japanese culinary tradition, cutting the ingredients is the most important part of preparing a meal. The belief is that optimal slicing and dicing is the best way to bring out food’s unique flavor and texture—and in order to do that, you need some excellent knives. Wusthof is world famous as the creme de la creme of knives: their blades are laser-cut in Germany for the utmost precision and strength, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Bloomingdale’s at The Mall at Millenia stocks the full collection: pick up a 12-piece block set and you’ll rival any Japanese chef—and have a handy way to put Uncle Jeff in his place.


On the table and everywhere else, the festive season is the time for all things twinkly. Start the party with Anthropologie’s decadent-chic Imperial Caviar gold-plated glasses—there’s one for every kind of drinker in your family: wine, highball or old-fashioned glasses, or champagne flutes. When you retire to the table, let the fruits of your kitchen labors sing on Kate Spade’s luxe Larabee Road bone china settings, with platinum polkadot accents. And finish off the banquet atmosphere with a decadent silver serving platter: this little number from Pottery Barn looks straight out of a fine hotel in your favorite classic film. You’ll find all these goodies on your next Orlando shopping trip.


And finally: culinary miracles and style needn’t be mutually exclusive. Be a chic chef in a darling cover-up like Anthropologie’s rustic-chic Anbauer full apron. And remember: she who cooks must be waited on for the rest of the holiday. Thus it must always be.

Happy holidays!

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