Photo Options


Santa Visit with Professional Photography Session/Instant Package or Candid CD

Professional photographers pose and photograph your children.
Personal photos are not permitted during professional photo sessions.*
Once advised by an associate that the session is complete, a limit of 3 still photos on a personal camera or phone will be permitted per family group.
An envelope will be provided if you decide not to purchase professional photos once ordered, as a $10 donation to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is requested.


Santa Visit with Personal Camera Photo Session

Guests are limted to 3 photos on a personal camera or phone per family group.
A $10 donation to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is requested. An envelope will be provided.
Personal camera sessions do not include the following professional services:
   - Posing children
   - Photographers taking photos with your camera
   - Use of props




Santa Visit with No Photo

*Personal photos are not permitted during Professional Photography Sessions as camera flashes affect our equipment. Professional photographers will end photo sessions if personal cameras or camera phones are used. Videotaping is not permitted on the set at any time.

Accommodations For Children with Disabilities:

  • Please see cashier at the Santa Photo Sales Counter for special assistance.

Santa Photo Pet Policy:

Pet Photography is not offered by our staff or permitted with personal camera/phone.
Service Dogs may accompany their owner on the Hollyville photo set.
Service Dogs may not make contact with Santa or the Santa chair due to allergy concerns.