The Mall at Millenia

Contractor Application For Restricted Access Form

Please submit this form 24 hours in advance from requested day of work.  Forms submitted after 4pm may not be reviewed until the following day.  If work is to take place on a weekend or holiday, forms must be submitted no later than 4pm on the last business day prior to the weekend or holiday.

Please direct any questions to Mall Security at (407) 248-8191

By granting this request for access, Merchants, Contractors and Vendors agree to the terms and conditions.


All Applicants:

1)    All Tenant, Employees, Contractors, and Vendors will remain within the boundaries of the tenant area of the tenant with the restricted access.
2)    Anyone needing to leave the building during the approved period of the restricted access will notify Security for any reason at (407) 248-8191.
3)    In the event that it is deemed  necessary for Security to override the restricted access, All Tenant, Contractors, and Vendors within the boundaries of the tenant area of the tenant will immediately follow the instructions of the Security Officers on scene.
4)    All work performed must be withinthe confines of the tenant space. No work may be performed in the Back Corridors.
5)    All materials must be stored within the confines of the Tenant space. Nothing may be stored for any time or any reason in the back corridors.
6)    All materials and Trash must be cleaned up immediately. Nothing may be stored for any time or any reason in the back corridors.
7)    All materials and trash must be disposed of in a proper manner. If in question you are to contact Security at
(407) 248-8191for instruction on where materials and trash may be disposed of.
8)    All work performed must be within the confines of the time limits set within restricted access. Security must be notified for any possible extensions.
9)    Any work  being done that will generate dust or smoke; Security  must be notified prior to work being performed.
10)    Floor protection must be used at all times.
11)    All common area deliveries must utilize a rubber/pneumatic wheel cart. 12) No pallet jacks are permitted on decorative flooring.
13)    All breaks must be taken at the same time.
14)    Propping of any mall entry and service doors is not permitted.
15)    No work or storing of equipment and or supplies in the common area, i.e. service corridor and courts. 16) No dumping of liquid or waste in the storm drains.
17) No truck staging until contractor or tenant is on property to receive. 18) No use of the mall common area restrooms.
19)    No use of mall common area utilities.
20)    Only  Sunshine  open  top  dumpsters   are  permitted  on   property  and  only  with  approval  from   Mall management.
21)    Anyone being granted access to the roof of the Mall at Millenia must have a government issued ID to leave with the Security Office.
22)    When  work  is completed security must  be notified so your work  area  may be inspected for debris and damage.
23)    Only work pre-approved may be conducted on the roof. Area will be inspected for unauthorized work.
24)    Anyone found in violation of the above shall be asked to leave the building. Anyone failing to comply will be trespassed from the premises.
25)    Harassment in any form-including verbal and physical conduct, visual displays, threats, demands and retaliation- is prohibited.

** Please note that the submission of this form does not guarantee the scope of work will be approved or access granted; requests may be rejected and I or denied. This includes but is not limited to change of any existing store conditions, approved drawings, certificate of insurance, scope of work not clearly defined, etc.