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We thank you for being a part of our story for the past two decades.

The Mall at Millenia holds a special place in the hearts of all my family ! On our long journey from the UK we anticipate what we may find on our long awaited visit with great excitement! We are never disappointed and we always leave loaded down with bags and our stomachs full of delicious food . We love this amazing mall !

-Patricia Elliot, Leeds

Some of my earliest childhood memories are six-year-old me twirling around on the zodiac mosaic with my Daddy, pretending that I was a ballroom dancer. Twenty years later, I still twirl around on the same mosaic with my husband whenever we visit the mall. It will always hold a very special place in my heart!

– Rosemary Sammons, Winter haven

In 2002 I was living in Orlando across town when the mall first opened.  I had been working in retail for over a decade, but nothing prepared me for what I was about to see inside. The LED displays and zodiac flooring in the Grand Court, the dancing waters fountains at the main entrance.  Just everything. It really wasn’t like any mall I had seen or worked in before. It was, and is, in a class all its own in the sphere of retail. Congratulations on 20 years of staying stylish. You really were “Meant for This”.

-Jim T., Easthampton, MA

I’m from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. I visited The Mall at Millenia in 2019 and was blown away. Everything is very beautiful, starting with the parking lot that has a beautiful waterfall. Congratulations on 20 years.

-Glaucia Leal, Rio De Janeiro

I got my very first designer bag here in 2013, it was my LV speedy and it was a special moment. I adore shopping here and I bring all my family and friends! I especially adore the Christmas décor, it reminds me of old fashioned toys and I just melt when I see them. Always a customer!

-Linette Bennett, Orlando

My mother and I were there for the grand opening celebrations and fell in love with the mall. Years later, I took my son there annually to visit the Easter Bunny. The Easter set-up is beautiful. Congratulations, Mall at Millenia, for 20 great years!

-Eileen Tirado, Gainesville


Every special occasion dress I have bought has been from Millenia. My daughter and I love shopping together for that unique look that we always find here.

– Maya P., Lake Nona

Excellent atmosphere to meet with my dearest friends and do a lot of shopping with the best brand in the market. 

– Sarah M., Winter Park

We visited the Mall at Millenia for the first time in 2008 and keep coming back every time we are in Orlando. It is so beautiful, spacious and clean. The shops are great and the climate control perfect. We call it “our Mothership”. Some time after our visit, we noticed that we were in one of the photos shown on the website!

-Jan Nathan, Reimst, Belgium


From tourist Orlando visits as a kid when the mall was first built to just window shopping during UCF college days to buying my own first luxury bag at YSL to casual shopping with the besties!!!

-Julie Michelle

We visit every year at Christmas and it is always a pleasure to shop at this mall and as a bonus Santa is always there. 

-David Martin, NR Loughborough, UK

As a member of the hospitality community I was honored to attend the opening of this beautiful addition to Orlando and the world. Your brands give my visitors the most amazing choices to carry home treasures for home, hearth and personal attire. Thank you for setting the example of excellence in your employees, service and beauty for all holidays.

-Patricia Clifton, Altamonte Springs

Our family had a blast shopping there before going on our cruise. So many luxury brands and the mosaic time dial was beautiful on the lower floor. We “stepped” on our day there and have wonderful memories we brought home back to Canada. It was a spectacular experience.

-Barbie Hergott, Edmonton

I got engaged there in 2012!

-Jaime P., Orlando

We visit Florida regularly from the UK and my friend and I love to shop. We have spent many happy hours at the Millenia. Particularly love the Christmas decorations they are spectacular.

-Caroline Rudd, Warwick UK

Santa! Our family tradition is to visit the Mall on Thanksgiving Eve and see Santa. 7 years… 2 of which we had to fly in from Indiana! And now that we’re back in Florida it certainly won’t change. Memories for a lifetime!

-Miranda Muir, Eustis

I was at the Mall at Millenia the first day it opened with my daughter, who was a toddler. We shopped regularly, and I had the membership you offered at the time. We were there so often the valets would say hi to my daughter by name when they opened the door for her. It’s a very sweet memory.

-Jeanette Koegler, Winter Park

Loving all the memories we have as a family traveling to Orlando during Christmas and visiting The Mall at Millenia for the past 17 years. The best to see, the mall transforms with all the beautiful decorations, the fountains outside are very peaceful on the back of the mall, the benches , also the children area and food court are very comfortable. Thanks Millennial Mall for all the memories we had as a family and the others to come!

-Karina Ciprian, Dominican Republic

A year after the mail was built we started driving our young boys from Gainesville to Orlando for the Christmas display/sit on Santa’s lap. I smile when the display goes up.

-D. Diffendafffer, Gainesville

I have great memories when I used to take my son to this mall. We always enjoy to go to the stores, restaurants (especially Cheesecake Factory) and more when Christmas time comes, everything is like magic.  He still keeps me company when I am willing to drive an hour just to go to that mall.

-Luz DelValle, Daytona Beach

Helping to open Versace among so many other wonderful events we have provided entertainment for has been a true highlight for many many years!

-Scott Messina, Doctor Phillips

I opened the Bebe store at the mall. I remember being in awe the first time I saw the atrium, at that time, still under construction. This is mall is my escape from the routine of daily life. Happy 20th!

-Charlotte Pfeil, Orlando

I arrived at the mall from across the Atlantic and I was desperate to buy myself a Birthday present from the Apple Store which I did and cherish and use every day.

-Ethan Pearce, Stafford UK

Orlando has been our family holiday destiny for years. The Mall at Millenia is an icon of our trip!

-Roberto Rivera, Guatemala

Some of my very best memories were made each year during the Mall’s prior celebrations of Fashion Week! Each year, I looked forward to attending, and always shared the experience with a friend to have one special night out of dressing up, having a great dinner, and most importantly, seeing the incredible fashion!

-Kristin Weissman, Windermere

My family looks forward to the beautiful holiday displays at Millenia. It has become a part of our Christmas tradition.

– Mary G., Windermere

I arrived from Venezuela in 2007 and since then I have been working in this beautiful Mall in Housekeeping area, it was my first job in the US and I still have it, I love this place.

-G. Sanchez, Orlando

While working at Millenia I met my husband. We celebrate our anniversary each year with dinner at Brio.

– Simone R., Orlando

Always a favorite place for my girlfriend and I to spend time together and do shopping! We love how clean and well decorated the mall is.

-Richard Bartholomay, Orlando

Buying my prom dress 8 years ago! Still my favorite place!

-H. Brakeman, Orlando

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